Monday, 21 June 2010

Day 16 & 17

Very quiet day and I am physically slow today, I have come to realise that by Fridays my body begins to ache all over....!
I worked on the end wall all day today and I see so little progress and I really wonder if I will have it ready on time, but maybe it's just my tiredness speaking.

One thing I have noticed about this exhibition and it's placing here in Voimala is that I'm almost certain I get visitors here that would probably not go to an Art Gallery, this is a great bonus opening up art to a wider audience.

11 visitors

DAY 17

As I walk through the Turbine Hall on my way to my work I hear the flutter flutter of wings and a pigeon lands on a rail beside me...... I decide to leave the door connecting the 2 halls open in the hopes that he/she will follow me through.
Low and behold he/she does and before I have even got the main doors open there it is hovering above my head soon as I open the door out it goes. I feel like a good soul!

Ok! my working light bulb has blown so I shall have to wait till lunch to replace it, shame as not only does it really make a difference to the work when its lighted but it also provides a degree of warmth.

Task 1.
Set the lower level of the last wall.

10.10 77 puzzle pieces in place ready to be levelled.
10.30 Lower level done.

Now begins the hard labour of filling, an assistant would be really good right now!

11.45 The table for the faster system is set up, and although it takes time to set up it does save time in the long run.

No pictures today, I think I'll wait till I feel that I have made a bit more progress, shame I didn't get one of the pigeon.

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