Thursday, 10 June 2010

Day 8

Yesterday when I got home and checked my messages I discovered to my dismay that the Youth Theatre workshop had been cancelled..... I am really disappointed! It took alot of work to write and plan and I was looking forward to the experiance! Oh well it gives me more tine on the installation.

I also got a message from Tuomas telling me that he and Jukka would be at Voimala at 10.00 to meet the press, this is a second visit from Aamuposti which is great. They were with us for 2 hours, lots of photos and talk so I really look forward to seeing the results.

Todays plan for the work was to work out the pitch of the roof, this is slow and uncomfortable work as I have to be up the ladder. The pitch is a bit steeper than I had wished owing to the reduced width of the mesh from which the work is hanging.

I worked the full 8 hours today with no break as I really wanted to complete the roof pitch as it was slower work than I had thought, but I felt happy with the end result as it feels like it's taking form now.

Tomorrow I will continue with the window wall and see how much of that I can complete.

A day well spent!

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