Thursday, 3 June 2010

Day 3.


22 visitors

No Pigeons his morning!!!

Today I feel tired.

Today my first plan is to finish off the lower level line then to look and plan where the entrance will be and the place for a window.

Just had my first visitor of the day... He used to work here in Voimala in Marketing and Sales, we had a lond chat about the site and its future, I mentioned that there is very little information about the inside workings of the old power plant and he said that he new another man who used to work here and he would be a great sourse of information about the places history especially the huge machines as that was his speciality, I have his name
and I dream of finding a translator in order to interview him. He is already in his late 70's so time is of the essance.

As a consequence of feeling tired, it feels like my progrss today is very slow.

3.00 Sirpa from Hämeen Taidetoimikunta has just arrived with a gift from
Hämeen Taidetoimikunta, and what a perfect present! Thank You!
Now I can do my work in comfort and style.

4.15 Visit by Hämeen Taidetoimikunta.

Pictures of some progress toay!

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