Thursday, 3 June 2010

Day 2.


The first thing I discovered on arrival this morning at Voimala was that a pigeon had flown though the hanging threads leaving behind a tangled mess and a few feathers in the process, this could be a problem.......lets see!

Now to untangle!
1 hour and 15 mins later I have untied the tangled wieghts and re-tied them.... now to continue.
11.45 all the weights are now in place.

Time for a coffee!

12.00 visitors from Riihimäki Theatre and Hämeen Liitto

- start to fix the puzzle pieces...beginning with the corners and the lowest edges creating the frame work for the house.

2.45 the first lower line is level!!

13 visitors so far.

I am still amazed how fast the time goes.

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