Saturday, 5 June 2010

Day 5


Yesterday was a cold day there was a strong wind blowing through the doors straight to where I was working and I felt that my progress was slow.
In preparation today, I have with me; fingerless gloves, a hat and slightly warmer clothes.
As I cycled to Voimala there was a fierce wind but I noted as I reached Voimala that it was in a different direction so maybe no need for the hat!

The early part of the day was quiet as far as visitors goes, a chance to push forward fixing the puzzle pieces, I have a week and a few days left before the Youth Theatre Workshop begins and I have to have the walls and door entrance in place so that they have something to work with......!

One thing I have noticed so far is that those visitors who do take the courage and enter are fascinated by the space and to my surprise truly engage with the work, through discussion and involvement they understand what I am doing and why......... these are not fellow artists but the general public, most of whom are local residents. The most engaging so far are those of an older generation who have known Voimala in it's working life time and who are genuinely pleased to see the doors open to what was once the heart beat of Riihimäki.

Voimala brought power and electricity to Riihimäki before which there had been none! The Paloheimo Power plant was unique for it's time in so much as unlike other existing power plants Voimala produced it's energy from waste.

The more I meet and talk with people about the work the happier I am that I pursued this project.........hearing peoples opinions concerning Place and it's varying roles in our cultural identity as a means of providing the foundations from which to build and shape our future give great validation to the work.

Through the works in this exhibition people are talking, questioning and sharing. Peoples voices and opinions that are seldom given a Space to be heard now have that platform.

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