Thursday, 3 June 2010

Day 1.


I arrived at Voimala at 8.00 with the car full of all sorts of goodies ready for the press opening at 9.00, Heikki was already there giving an interview.
Just befor 9 Kalle arrived which was nice as he said he thought that he was going to be a bit late, Tumas and Jukka arrived shortly afterwards along
with Pia fron the Youth Theatre.

Much to my delight pretty much every one I had invited arrived, I gave a few interviews and described the work I was intending to make to some of the guests, at some point I knew that I could not put off the obligitory speach any longer so after what I felt was a very sputtered attempt my thanks were made the project was introduced and offically the doors were open.

....By about 1.00 the mornings visitors had left and the tranquility of the work begins, my first job is to weight all the treads which means tying bolts to the ends, holding the work to place like the foundations of a house, at this stage I am not attempting to make them level......this can happen towards the end as I want to get started with the puzzle pieces.

Many people asked me wont the sound work that is part of Tuomas and Jukka's work irritate you? but I seem to find it soothing, it's low tones flow and feel some thing between breathing and a heart beat. The music is interspersed with gentle harp strings which draws a connection with my own work as I run my fingers through the treads to separate them out in preparation for the weights.

Things noted today:
1. The floor slopes somewhat!
2. The strings shold have been longer.........
3. Maybe I will need some fingerless gloves as at times my hands have felt a wee bit chilly.
4. I need the spirit level tomorrow.

And last but not least... Once I started working I completely
lost the sense of time........YEY!!!!

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