Monday, 14 June 2010

Day 12

My Little helper Miro


Where do I start today??? Do I attempt to complete the facing wall......or move to the wall opposite to the door...... Ok! so I decided to try and finish the facing wall, this is going to be slow as I have to keep on checking that they are as level as possible.

10.00 Visit from Heikki of YIT and 7 of his guests.

A wonderful little boy named Miro and his mother visited, Miro asked his mother if he could live in the Palapeli Talo - Jig-saw-puzzle house.... I replied that it might get a little bit cold in the winter time. I then asked if he would like to help me put some puzzle pieces on the threads, I showed him how,..... he then very carefully chose the pieces he wanted and with a little help from mum placed 2 pieces for me. I have written his name on the back of one of his pieces......Thank you Miro!

I had 2 ex-Voimala workers today, one who used to work in this very hall and the second who's father had also worked here, he told of how he would bring his children for sauna evenings and seemed very curious about the second level, I would loved to have taken him up there, but it's dangerous and any way there nothing up there as all the machines have been stripped out. He seemed deeply lost in his memories and I felt a little sad.

30+ visitors today and I didn't quite manage to finish the wall......nearly.

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