Thursday, 17 June 2010

Day 13

Setting the levels on the second wall.

1. Finish the facing wall
2. Set the levels for the adjacent wall.
3. Set the level for end wall top level.

I think this is too much for one day but it's good to have targets!
It's a seriously cold, dull and damp day today, back on with the hat and gloves!

9.30 The first 2 levels are set with string as markers.
10.30 Second window is in place.

Wonderful just as I was beginning to get seriously bored of looking at the same puzzle pieces a lady brought me a new 1000 piece puzzle (not brand new, just new to me!) It's of a chapel in Bavaria.

1.00 About 15 visitors so far.
3.15 Both level lines are done on the adjacent wall.

Time to do a bit of filling now!

20 visitors

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