Thursday, 17 June 2010

Day 14

Photographs by Ilona Romu

Well I guess I should try to get the things done today that I was unable to complete yesterday!

10.55 I have been all round the house and checked the levels, found a few areas that needed some adjustments which included one row too many on the facing wall, which means removing it and re-setting the rows, this has set me back a bit but at least it's done.

14.00 The facing wall is finished.....Yipee!

For the rest of the afternoon I will start the work on the second roof pitch.

I have had so many talkative visitors this afternoon which has been wonderful and engaging, exhausting also as my Finnish is still so appalling which I am ashamed of.

2 more children helped me today by adding puzzle pieces, their names are written on the back of their pieces....some how it makes it special knowing that someone's name is hidden somewhere in the house.

Very little achieved work wise....but a lot of socializing which is something I don't get when I'm working in my studio.

20 visitors

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