Sunday, 23 May 2010


One thing I have realised is that if I am going to keep this blog I need to write regularly, as it's all to easy to forget.

Last week I spent most of the time writing press releases, getting them checked for correct Finnish and then making the amendments. Trying to contact the press which seems to be difficult as so many people are on holiday.

I am happy to say that Riihimaki Art Museum has contacted me and would like to be involved in this project; this will entail me having an installation in the museum which will document the progress of the work, plus another small installation that will act as a show case for the work taking place in Voimala. I will be making the small installation this week and hopefully have some video documentation of the process.

On Thursday I spent nearly 2 hours in Voimala and a couple more at my home with Tuomas looking at and discussing the spaces were we will install our works, making a few changes to the original plans mainly owing to the dynamics of the space and how the works will be viewed at their best.

Kalle emailed me and we agreed he will be installing his work on Friday. This is all getting very close and I still feel that I have an awful lot to do.

Lets see how the week pans out.


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