Friday, 2 July 2010

Day 20,21 & 22

Looks like Kalle is warming his hands by a flaming camp fire! actually he is re-setting the level of the work.

Day 20

WOW! Wonderful evening last night, lots of people, great atmosphere and a jolly good picnic. I left Voimala at about 10.15pm and got home at 2.30am.........That's along day!

Visitors total for yesterday 60!!!

Generally a quiet day which I am very grateful for as I am feeling a wee bit tired........not surprising!

Worked on the end wall and did some division lines on the last end wall as I know it will make it feel less momentous when I come to it.

7 visitors's very hot out side and I think most people have left work early and are travelling to their summer cottages ready for Mid-summer celebrations. Tomorrow I will do the same.....3 days off at the summer cottage and oh boy am I ready for it.

Day 21

3 days in the cottage was just what I needed.

Worked on the end wall this morning.
11.35 the end wall is completed.

Now to start the momentous task of completing the final wall......2 and a half days to get it done!
I wonder if it will be enough or will I have to put in some extra hours?????

I have been getting cramp in my hands and fingers..... took a half hour lunch break and that seemed to do the trick, my hands are more relaxed now.

3/4 of the way!!!!

Day 22

I have decided that I will hold off on any more pictures now until the work is done, hold you all in suspense!

Not a lot to write about as I just motored on with the final wall.

The morning has been quiet so I feel as though I have done really well and got quite a lot done.

The afternoon suddenly became social from 2.00 onwards, so I didn't get as much done as I had hoped but I still think it is possible I will be finished on time.

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